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Pokémon GO at the Gardens

It is all the rage, are you playing, have you caught the Pokémon!!!

Pokémon GO is where it is at, young or old who cares.  I watched Pokémon for years so was a little bit excited when I heard of this game so I decided to download the app and set myself up as a Pokémon trainer….Pixiegreentea is the name.  What team will I choose, I am unsure can you help me out which should I choose?

Team Instinct – Yellow- Leader Spark

This team is all about trusting your Pokémon to the work letting their unique talent sparkle

Team Mystic – Blue- Leader Blanche

The team is all about the studying of the Pokémon, being scientific to be the very best.

Team Valor- Red- Leader Candela Moltres

This team is all about the battle, battle, combat the more you do the better you become.

When I was in the Gardens last week I turned on my Pokémon GO and I was amazed at what I saw lots of pokéstops and a battle zone.  Get yourself down to the Gardens, get collecting and battling. 

Who is your favourite Pokémon?

Jynx is an alternative looking one, Beedrill looks more like a wasp, think I would be Hypno.  




Last Updated on Wednesday, August 10, 2016