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Hertiage Day Event

Saturday the 9th September saw a heritage event take place in the Gardens.  Let me tell you I thought the rain was going to make the event a total wash out.  I arrived at site around 8am, on my journey to Southport the heavens opened; this made me feel rather sad.   Arriving in Southport though the rain stopped and I felt more hopeful but only an hour later when the traditional rope marquee was being erected my heart sank again as the rain poured.  You may wonder why I was feeling so emotional; this year the weather has had a disastrous effect on the event in King’s and I wished for this event to have some luck with it been my last event for the Gardens.  I sat with my coffee, gritted teeth and wished for the sun.  Happy, happy, happy the sun came to shine.

Martin and I worked hard to get the message out the event was still taking place and lucky enough people came.

Thank you to all those that came and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, September 12, 2017