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Sensory Garden

Earlier this year the Gardening Group and the Green Machine came together to develop a sensory garden for the Community Garden adding an extra dimension to an already vibrant area.    Children from the Green Machine learned about our five senses and explored how plants, herbs and grasses can be used to affect them.

Working in teams alongside the gardening volunteers the groups discussed ideas, came up with plans and sketched them out plans.  Each group feedback their ideas and then from here the final design idea was created.  Sefton’s resident Landscape Architected Kathryn Ward worked with the group to identify species of grasses, plants and herbs that would work well in the sandy soil area.  In addition to flora the group also wished to have touch boards.  Following the session a beach combing exercise took place and three touch boards were created using the objects.

The Green Machine , Gardening volunteers and Sefton Council staff came together to plant the plant the sensory garden and what an enjoyable time was had by all.

Please do come and visit the King’s Gardens Sensory Garden, located around the ramp at the end of the Lower Promenade leading into the Community Garden.

Come and listen to the grass blowing in the wind, find our edible section, the smell of cola, peppermint, curry and much more. sensory garden6 sensory garden1sensory garden2Sensory garden3sensory garden4sensory garden5



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Last Updated on Wednesday, July 5, 2017