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Opera For All, Cosí Fan Tutte Saturday 24th September

Yes that is right Cosí Fan Tutte is live in Berlin as we speak and King’s Gardens is going to be showing the same Opera.  Now not to lead you up the garden path it is a different operatic company but that will take nothing away for the King’s Garden event. 

The opera showing was performed by Garsington Opera, at Wormsley.  The pavilion at Wormsley was only built in 2011 through Garsington Opera has been around for much longer.  These free screenings are about creating opera for all.  

A free showing of an Opera in the beautiful surroundings of King’s Gardens, it will be an amazing experience, I personally am so excited, as I am an opera virgin. 

It is important the event is open to all and we wish for families to come along to this amazing event and learn about Opera.  Before the screening starts there will be craft sessions taking place, props be made, you can learn about Opera and if your child is part of the Children’s University you can get their passport stamped.  Not sure if your child is part of Children’s University ask their school.

I do so hope you will pop down to the Gardens and be part of this epic experience. 

All taking place in the Community Garden.



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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 21, 2016