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Mulch amazement at Mr World

Thursday 14th July saw the Mr World finalists compete in the Gardens in teams to help spread tonnes of bark mulch on the flower beds.  Each team was provided with 2 wheelbarrows, some spades and some rakes and the challenge was to get as many barrow loads out in 90minutes.


Each team was given a number of beds to spread the mulch and and volunteers from the Friends were their supervisors to make sure they were doing it correctly. Once the race was over it was a combination of the number of barrow loads taken out minus points for incorrect spreading and then factoring the results to their team size.



With such fun, speed, accuracy and team work needed this was a very different challenge to any other experienced during their stay in Southport. There were joint winners on the day with the results forming part of the overall competiton.


For more informations visit Mr World

The competitors are also doing an art challenge for the Art Boxes in the gardens so have a look for that blog later in the week.



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Last Updated on Monday, July 18, 2016