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Bat Walk Friday 25th September

The first bat walk took place in the gardens on Friday evening, thanks to all those that came along, it was a good turn out for our first walk.

Harold Green gave his time free to take the walk.  Harold is a bat specialist and runs a bat rehabilitation hospital.  Harold gave a talk to the group explaining about bats their habits, food source and other interesting facts and group members asked some interesting questions.   As part of the talk Harold kindly brought along a common Pipistrelle, that is soon to be released back into the wild so we all got to see a bat close up.

With high vis vests and bat detectors, the group walked around the gardens eagerly listening for the click click noise of the bats.  The walk went along the western edge of the gardens, Harold was seeking out hidey holes where bats like to roost.  Our luck was in down the western side of the gardens as sounds of the bats where heard but not seen.  It seems the bats like to fly down the miniature railway!!







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