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I am going to take this opportunity to talk about volunteering with the hope that those who read this maybe become inspired to take up a volunteering experience.  What is volunteering I hear you ask?

 "Volunteering is a selfless act undertaken for the benefit of others to improve quality of life."

How good does that sound!!!

Volunteering is such a rewarding experience for the person volunteering and the people and/or project they are suporting. 

Have you considered volunteering? Do you have a passion, interest or something you are curious about you could volunteer some of your time to?  Why do this I hear you ask?

Benefits of volunteering for you:

~ improve physical and mental health

~ Chance to learn new skills or share your skills with others

~ Increase your employability

~ Opportunity to contribute to well-being of your local community

~ Sense of achievement

~ Meet new people and be part of a local social network

Interested?? I hope so.

Volunteering at King's Gardens could be just what you are looking for, are you interested in gardending? History? Events? Play? Is one of these volunteering roles for you?

Garden Volunteer .. Helping to keep the beautiful landscape with a particular focus in the community garden

Tour Guide Volunteer ... Relaying the history and refurbishment of the gardens to visitors of all ages

Eyes and Ears Volunteer ...Helping to look after the gardens by reporting damage, graffiti, anti-social behaviour etc

Events Volunteer ..supporting at events and/or helping to organise events

If you are interested please contact Jane Little-Smith 0151 934 2421 or

Fancy a chat face to face? Jane will be in the Visitor Centre, King's Gardens Tuesday 2nd June 11-2.

Go on give it try! 




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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015