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Jazz Festival 2015 at King's Gardens

I turned up at King's Gardens 9.30 this morning, meeting Martin for the set up of Jazz in the community garden, you know the sunken garden with the fountain.  Let me tell you we were optomistic those dark clouds were going to blow over.  At 10 we decided to set up the marquees keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a 10.30 start.  We were joined by Sarah and Helen, the organisers of the whole festival, we all stood there dithering with cold.  Western Valley Hot Club had arrived sometime earlier nervous about the weather, the moring optimism didn't pay off, first act cancelled due to a down pour.

Did we cancel the rest of the acts? Lets wait to see if it brightens up! We sat, had coffee, Christine from the Friends of King's Gardens arrived.  We watched the blue sky appear and the sun shine down.  Our faith in the British weather paid off, those ukuleles would play and the orchestra perform.

Yes the wind doth blow cold but those groups stood stong and gave a fantastic performance.  Hats off to Ormskirk Ukulele Club and Sefton Youth Jazz Orchestra, you did yourselves and the Jazz festival proud.

The crowds may not have been massive but the people did come.  Thank you to all those that supported todays event, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, I know I did.  I even had a little dance with the ladies from the Ukulele Club!





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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015