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What is Arts Award? A way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts.  An opportunity to learn new skills, share experiences and develop creatively.  Arts award are an accredited programme with an introductory award. 

Here in Southport a number of professionals have been trained in Arts Award and a number of schools have been enthused by the programme.

During June three schools took part in a pilot project linking The Atkinson and King’s Gardens together.  Sarah Jane Richardson an artist who works closely with the Atkinson designed an Arts Award project for the pilot.


Andy Goldsworthy – Land Art

Land art / Earth art is art made in nature using natural materials.

  •  Get kids to identify natural objects around them

 A famous British artist who creates huge pieces of land art in the environment is Andy Goldsworthy. He uses all natural objects such as pebbles, twigs, branches, pine cones, mud, leaves, feathers and petals.

 "Looking, touching, material, place and form are all inseparable from the resulting work.” Andy Goldsworthy

  • What does this mean? Looking to see different colours and shapes. Touching to feel different textures and forms. Different materials – contrast, dark/light, smooth/rough.
  • Where can land art be created – get kids to look around and identify different places – grass, tarmac, mud, on the tree etc.

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