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Keeping warm at the Cinema

With the weather expected to be ok for the firsst cinema session, the problem might be keeping warm as the temperature drops so here are a few ideas to help:

Layer Up: Each additional layer you add traps its own layer of air providing insulation. It also means if you get hot you can just remove one layer at a time

Cover Up: You'll lose heat from any uninsulated body part. Your parents advised you wear a hat during the winter, but you've really got to take care to cover up everything else too. You'll lose just as much heat from an uncovered neck as you will from your head. Don't forget gloves too.

Bring a Blanket: You can sit on or wrap up warm in it.

Hot Food and Drinks: these will be available on site thanks to D'Vine Catering

Obviously we don't want you to light a fire but a hot water bottle might keep you warm.



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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015