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2013: The Year In Photos

For King's Gardens, 2013 was so much more than just a celebration of the 100 Years of King's Gardens.

Here is a year in the life of King's Gardens...

Our wonderful garden volunteers have been busy planting impressive displays as well as helping develop the Community Garden! Well done!

Picture 005

In January 2013, we were getting ready to start on site, spreading the word to the community about what we had in store as part of the restoration! What a change there has been!

Photograph 29

We worked with The Green Machine who lovingly buried a time capsule in the gardens in October! Whoever opens it in 2063 will find lots of items teaching them about their heritage, as well as lots of information about the restoration project.Photo 1

King's Gardens reached a spritely age of 100 years in 2013, but the Venetian Bridge was 101! It was erected in 1912, so we thought it was definitely time for a face lift.

Kings -gardens -bridge -repairs _003

In 2013, the Friends of King's Gardens went from strength to strength! Not only have their number vastly increased, but they held their first Annual General Meeting, and have started planning their own events, assisted in maintenance, helped write the permanent signage and much much more!


In February 2013, Casey moved into the gardens temporarily to construct all of the proposals developed by the Design Team and community alike!

Green Fence

Also in February, aboriculture contractor Glendale moved into the gardens to do some long overdue tree management throughout the gardens. We were very careful to make sure this work was done when wildlife wouldn't be affected, employing experts to make regular checks that there were no nesting birds!


In November, shelter one saw some major improvements and unveiled the exciting new colour scheme for the project!


At the end of November, local Brownies planted their own daffodil meadow to celebrate not only King's Gardens centenary year, but also the BIG Brownie Birthday!


Visitors to the gardens over the last 9 months cannot have missed the new play area emerging from a former sunken garden!


In September, local schools and the community alike came to the gardens with a mssion they could not refuse; to plant hundreds of plants in The Community Garden! They have done such a good job!


Bring on 2014!



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