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You will have noticed recently that we have been appealing for people's memories of King's Gardens in the local press and here on the blog!

We we have had a great response from people from all over the North West! On 6th February we held a 'Memories Event' at The Royal Clifton Hotel, where people came together to talk about their fondest memories of the gardens.

The event was attended by The Mayor of Sefton, Councillor Maureen Fearn and her consort Frank Winrow, who both also had some lovely memories of the gardens, including the Venetian Nights extravanganza that stopped just before the war, and many a competitive game of tennis on the courts in the gardens.

The event was very well attended with over 25 people sharing their memories, which will be included in the audio trail for the gardens, and collated into a 'Memory Book' which will be on display in the Visitor Centre.

We are still gathering memories, so if you have any memories of King's Gardens from the last 100 years please get in contact with us!



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Last Updated on Monday, February 17, 2014