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The Helter Skelter, Water Chute and Maxim's Flying Machine in 1907


Wow! Here in the King's Gardens Team, we love looking at these old images of King's Gardens. Here we are looking at images of the imposing fairground rides that use to take up the views inside King's Gardens. Its important to say, that as a pleasure grounds, King's Gardens was the place where the fairground started! 

Sideshows popped up all over the gardens in Victorian times, although at the time The Southport Corporation decided that all fairground rides and 'hedonistic attractions' should be kept together...and thats why the fairground has now developed in its current location at Pleasureland!

Southportmap 02

Ordnance Survey 1911

If you are planning a stroll around King's Gardens this weekend, if you take a walk over towards Pleasureland, you will find a square piece of concrete in the Marine Lake...this is the foundation for the origignal Water Chute where it entered the Marine Lake! Interesting eh?!



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Last Updated on Monday, April 7, 2014