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Organising A Grand Opening!

The King's Gardens Team are currently busy working on the Grand Opening! As many people are aware, The Queen has been invited to join for the event, but we are still waiting to find out if she can make it....she's very busy!

But in the meantime, the date of the event has been set! The event promises to be a Southport Extravaganza! 

Plans are in the making, and over the next few months we will unveil some of them, but we are looking for any volunteers who would like to get involved in the organisation of the event!

Our events team meet regularly and they organise and plan all kinds of events in the gardens. For the grand opening the King's Gardens Events Volunteers will be working alongside the King's Gardens Project Team do develop an HUGE all day party to celebrate the improvements!



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Last Updated on Friday, June 27, 2014