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Shelter Jigsaw Puzzle

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This shelter in King's Gardens has long been a familiar site across King's Gardens. One by one, each of the shelters are being dismantled and leaving the gardens to be restored by our master craftsmen from 'Lost Art' in Wigan!

A few weeks ago 'Shelter One' returned back home to King's Gardens and the giant jigsaw puzzle to reassemble it has started! Here is Shelter One so far....


This obviously isn't complete, but I'm sure we can all agree it is really starting to take shape! 

Fig 11 Mawson 's Plans - Sectional Detail - Civic Art , 1911

The design for the original shelters was inspired by the work of famous Landscape Architect/Engineer Thomas Mawson, who donated the above drawings for King's Gardens in 1906. Mawson is famous for the design of The Crescent in Bath as well as other iconic designs of civic art in Southport, Bolton, as well as others across the country.



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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015