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Meet The Team - Mike Pennington


This very happy chap plays a pivotal role in the development of King's Gardens...please Welcome Mike Pennington!

Mike works for Sefton Council's Parks & Greenspace Service as Senior Landscape Architect. In King's Gardens, you will often see Mike talking to the contractor, organising the planting of plants, preparation of shrub beds, as well as making important decisions about the restoration of the gardens!

On his lunch break he can often be found flicking through the pages of the Racing Post and reciting Monty Python jokes!

"I am really looking forward to the completion of the King's Gardens restoration, and have relished the opportunity to work on this amazing project in the town where I live!"

This week, the landscaping of King's Gardens has commenced so keep your eyes peeled for Mike's wonderful design work!



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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015