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Lancashire , Southport , Marine Lake 1940's

Recently in the parks office we spoke to a Southport resident with a very fond memory of King's Gardens that she would like to share. The ladies father had recently passed away and she wanted to share the love story of her mother and father. Shortly after World War 2 had ended, her father had returned home from war and brought her mother, courting as they were then, to our very own King's Gardens. After a romantic stroll around the gardens he proposed on a bench on the lower promenade. What a wonderful story.


Do you have a fond memory of King's Gardens? Did you spend your youth in the gardens? Do you remember what King's Gardens used to be like? Do you have a memory of a special event that once took place in thr gardens?

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We here at 'Team King's Gardens' think that your memories are important and need to be shared. We are holding a memories event in January and would like to hear about why King's Gardens is important to you. We are hoping that with your permission, these wonderful memories can be included into the permanent audio trail for King's Gardens!



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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015