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Today on site it's a crisp winter morning and the sky is a very beautiful sunny blue! Here are some photos of the restoration progressing with our contractor Casey working hard to completion!


The play area installation is going from strength to strength, and nearly all of the junior equipment is in, with the toddler area (bottom right) about to be started.


The base course to the paths is going down - the final top surfacing will be a beautiful buff colour that will co ordinate perfectly with the balustrade wall.


The ballustrade to the Venentian Bridge has started as the decking and lighting works have been completed! All of the rotten wood has been removed and is being replaced with timber from a sustainable source.


The islands are looking more like they are supposed to! When they are complete they will be turfed and have panoramic signage with the history of the Venetian Bridge and the Victorian skyline.


The sun was shining into the Community Garden this morning and the lawn looked very crisp and crunchy. Well done to our Garden Volunteers for making such a big difference so far...


Shelter bases 2,3 and 4 have started ready to take the beautiful new shelters!


The Edwardian ballustrade wall lighting has been restored and painted. When the new light fittings are illuminated they will light and delineate the wall beautifully. They have also been the inspiration for all of the new signage furniture around the gardens.



The original hedges are in the process of being lowered. The hedges are quite high at the moment and give a perception of unsafety, but also were never designed to be this high!


Shelter 1 finally has glazing! The new glazing is very tough and super strong (trust us we've put it through its paces!) 




It may be the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who but these additions are not our own homage to the Tardis! They are containers for our wonderful volunteers to use during the winter to keep warm and make their tea! When the Arts and Crafts Shelter is complete they will use this new facility as their base alongside the Community Parks Officers!


These original lighting columns along the Promenade will also be shown some love and attention during the restoration...




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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015